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Digital Health Rewired - AI and Analytics (Speaker sponsor: AWS)

As the digitisation of health services accelerates one key trend is the shift from automating processes to extracting insight and meaning from the vast quantities of data, and providing knowledge tools that directly support diagnosis and treatment decisions.

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and sophisticated analytics tools are opening a range of new opportunities to secure benefits for patients from data-driven decision making.  The applications of such tools include: natural language processing; interpreting diagnostic images; identifying clinical trial candidates; and identifying patients at risk of sepsis.

The AI and Analytics Zone will feature a range of disruptive applications of AI and Analytics across different aspects of UK healthcare.

Digital Health’s AI and Analytics Hub provides dedicated original news coverage of AI and Analytics.

Digital Health Rewired - AI and Analytics

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Digital Health Rewired is the new event connecting health IT leaders with the latest digital health innovations.  The two-day conference and expo is delivered by Digital Health.

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