About the Digital Health Awards

About the Digital Health Awards<

The Digital Health Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements of the leaders making the biggest contributions to UK healthcare IT.

Now in its third edition, it is the only health IT awards in which all 6,000+ members of Digital Health Networks are invited to vote online for the winners.

In addition to the accolade, winners will receive a trophy and an invitation to attend next year’s Summer School free of charge.

Nominations are now open and we are looking for outstanding digital leaders in the following categories:

  • Best Use of Data in the NHS
  • Best Integrated Care Model
  • Best Digital Team
  • Most innovative digital NHS provider
  • Digital Trust of the Year
  • Product Innovation of the Year
  • Breakthrough Digital Service of the Year

To put forward a nomination, simply fill out an online nomination form by clicking the link below.

The winners will be announced at the gala dinner on day one at the Digital Health Autumn Leadership Summit, 7-8 October 2021.

Entry Criteria

The Digital Health Awards are open to all Network members and submissions should be for the period of the last calendar year: July 2020 to July 2021. Entrants must be currently working in an NHS or Private Healthcare provider environment within the United Kingdom.

Entries can be either submitted by individuals themselves, or by nomination from a colleague. Individuals that have been nominated MUST have given their consent for the submission to be entered. Members of the judging panel or employees of Digital Health Intelligence are not eligible to enter or nominate.

Entry Process – all category entries are submitted on our online form, hosted here.
Please read the Judging Criteria carefully to ensure that you have entered the correct category and that you answer all of the relevant parts of the submission.

You will need to evidence your entry to show how outcomes were delivered and to highlight the leadership skills, innovation and the benefits created by the nominee. There is an option to upload supplementary information to the entry.


Best Use of Data in the NHS

How to win it:

The judges will be looking for real world evidence that a project / programme has used data to:

  • transform the processes, culture, thinking or approach of the organisation
  • improve organisational efficiency
  • put a strategic data asset at the heart of operations
  • get better value and more access to data – and doing more with it
  • shift your organisation’s performance up to an entirely new and improved level
  • achieve a significant uplift in a target metric through the application of data
  • – demonstrate privacy and security expertise to ensure the data involved is secure and safe

Who should enter?
All NHS sectors.

Best Integrated Care Model

How to win it:

The judges are looking for high class entries that demonstrate:

  • a model that puts the patient central to their work
  • a narrative that shows better planning to achieve more involvement in services by the patient with evidence of better outcomes through the model
  • evidence of organisations and care professionals efficiently bringing together all the different elements of care that a person needs
  • examples of collaboration between stakeholders that reduce gaps / inefficiencies
  • documented financial / time efficiencies post adoption of the model
  • an entry with input and contributions from all providers / stakeholders

Who should enter?
All NHS sectors.

Best Digital Team

How to win it:

The judges need to see an effective team with strong internal cohesion and external traction, with working practices based in collaboration and shared knowledge. Subsequently, your team must demonstrate high productivity and have a significant impact on your organisation. Your entry must highlight the power of teamwork and example the strength that the team has impacted on the day to day running of the organisation. The judges need to see clear evidence of exemplary work that has shaped the digital strategy that results in quality outcomes.

Who should enter?
All NHS sectors.

Most innovative digital NHS provider

How to win it:

The judges are looking for evidence of improved delivery, or future plans to build on work already implemented. Entries should show the innovative way your organisation is using digital technology to provide the best care for patients and service users. In particular, the judges would like to see:

  • innovation to improve the health and wellbeing of the local geographic area
  • how you have used digital to address real world challenges
  • a view of the strategic pathway from concept to development of the project
  • demonstrate efficiencies in the planning and delivery of the service
  • show expertise and digital capabilities to deliver innovation to the NHS at pace

Who should enter?
All NHS sectors – would clearly attract: acute, mental health, ambulance trusts and ICSs.

Digital Trust of the Year

How to win it:

This category seeks to find those digitally improved or digitally mature trusts that demonstrate clear and obvious results in improving patient care using digital technologies and moving to a paper free environment. The judges seek:

  • to assess the ability to plan and deploy digital services
  • how much the trust is using digital technology to support the delivery of patient care
  • evidence of infrastructure to support the trust’s digital resource
  • documenting any knowledge sharing with peers and collaboration
  • how has the trust innovated their digital offering
  • evidence of a cohesive and efficient digital strategy communicated throughout the trust

The judges will examine how technology has provided better care for patients, improved staff / patient engagement, how it has made the working lives of staff better and seek measurement of the quality of leadership.

Who should enter?
Only NHS trusts – acute, mental health, ambulance trusts and ICSs.

Product Innovation of the Year

How to win it:

This award recognises products that are new and innovative that are currently or will in the future contribute to improvements in the healthcare technology sector. The product may contribute to existing digital technology, be a stand-alone initiative and may be of direct benefit to the care of a patient. The judges need to see clear differentiation from other products in the market and see evidence of the benefits / efficiencies created by the product. Submissions should include all real-world data where possible, or tested predictions for new launches / pilot products.

The judges will be looking for innovative and deliverable solutions that are supporting health in any aspect, and will be keen to ensure that the product is “one of a kind” and stands out.

Who should enter?
All sectors

Breakthrough Digital Service of the Year

How to win it:

The judges will review from whatever your starting point, how you deployed digital technology to shift your organisation’s performance up to an entirely new and improved level. The judges will evaluate:

  • has the breakthrough addressed an unmet need
  • the scale of the development within the organisation and the impact it has
  • the savings / efficiencies and improvements to the organisation
  • the impact on patient care
  • the innovation and uniqueness of the rollout

Who should enter?
All sectors

Judging Criteria

There are three investigative elements of all the categories to be evaluated:

  • Impact – what impact has the individual’s work made? What demonstrable difference has this person made to their organisation?
  • Innovation – how have their ides / execution led to improvement in outcomes / service delivery / saving money?
  • Inspiration – to what extent has the individual inspired others in supporting and driving digital transformation / delivery or bringing on a culture change in the workplace?

In addition, for the Future Digital Leader category, the judges will be seeking evidence of:

  • How has the individual exceeded expectations?
  • How has the individual shown a commitment to develop themselves as a potential future leader in the industry?
  • What have they achieved to distinguish themselves from their peers?

In addition for the Digital NHS CEO of the Year, the judges will investigate:

  • How has the individual contributed to the delivery of the organisation’s digital strategy?
  • Evidence any influence that the individual has had in shaping the digital landscape in their organisation.
  • How has the individual demonstrated good leadership / CEO qualities?

Entrants are advised to keep their diary clear for the evening of Thursday 7th October in case they are shortlisted to attend the gala awards dinner at the Park Regis Hotel, Birmingham.

Entries / Nominations opens on Friday 23rd July for 5 weeks and close on Friday 27th August at 5pm.

Voting opens for Network Members for the CCIO, CIO and CNIO Awards on Tuesday 31st August at midday and will close on Thursday 23rd September at 5pm.

Voting Rules

  • Only Digital Health Network Members will be able to vote.
  • Network members may only vote once in each category, their first vote will be the only one counted.
  • All votes will be ratified and those not meeting the rules discounted.

Meet the judges

Lisa Emery – CIO, Royal Marsden NHSFT
Dr Paul Jones – CDIO, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Ramandeep Kaur – EPMA Lead Pharmacist & Interim EPMA Project Manager,  Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospitals NHS Trust
Dr James Reed – CCIO Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHSFT
Euan McComiskie – UK Digital and Data Lead,  Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
Darren McKenna –  Director of Digital,  Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHSFT
Sarah Hanbridge –  CCIO, The Christie NHSFT
Sarah Newcombe –  CNIO, NHS England & Improvement – London Region


Who can apply?
Anyone living and working in the NHS and Private Healthcare in the UK can enter or be nominated as long as they are eligible.

What is the deadline for entries?
Entries close on Friday 27th August at 5pm.

How do I enter or nominate a colleague?
All entries must use the entry form provided here. If you have any questions, please email Neil Hadland @

When does voting take place?
From Monday 6th September to Thursday 23rd September 5pm.

When is the Digital Health Networks Awards and how can I attend?
The awards dinner takes place at the Park Regis Hotel on the middle night of the Digital Health Leadership Summit on Thursday 7th October. Shortlisted finalists will be invited to attend as guests, others can attend if they are booked on the Summit.

Can I sponsor an award?
Contact our commercial team @ for details.

Can I attend the Awards?
Yes, but only if you have booked your place for the Autumn Leadership Summit. Further details available here

Entry Tips

  • Follow the judging criteria for that category:
    Make sure the entry is relevant for the award category, provide relevant information as asked and don’t exceed the word limit.
  • Back it up:
    Use facts, figures, data, case studies and examples to back up your assertions. This will help the judges and voters assess your claims and convince them as to why you are the best candidate for the award. Feel free to send us links and URLs of supplementary documents, web pages and videos.
  • Clarity of thought and writing:
    Don’t write vague, boring and jargon-laden essays. Tell us why you deserve to win using accurate, concise and informative language. The golden rule is to be clear and engaging. Also, make sure you’ve spelled the names and organisations correctly – typos can be confusing and misleading.
  • Humble bragging:
    And finally, don’t be shy to blow your own trumpet. Tell us about your outstanding work and why you deserve to win that award. Did you go above and beyond your role; what were the challenges; how did you overcome them; did you have any doubts? We want to hear about the journey as well.