Rewired Data Lab

Digital Health Data Lab is a new dedicated one-day conference and series of hands-on workshops, delivered as part of Digital Health Rewired 2020, 3-4 March, Olympia National.

UK healthcare has reached a tipping point in digitisation, where core baseline automation is now the norm in most organisations. The greatest benefits to patients will now come from harnessing available data to gain actionable insight.


Digital Health Data Lab is focused on helping delegates gain a better understanding of the latest developments in the use of data and data science tools, platforms and techniques to gain benefit and insight from all types of UK health data, either singularly or through aggregation and combination.

The wide-ranging programme will cover latest developments and approaches across UK healthcare organisations (NHS and independent), international exemplars, and include contributions from life sciences and health research bodies.

Data Lab audience

The Data Lab programme is being developed to be of interest to a cross-section of data scientists, clinicians, IT professionals, researchers, developers and academics focused on the use of health data.

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