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Participants at the Summer Schools 2018 Hack Day.

The Rewired Hack Day runs throughout Rewired will be held at Novotel London West on 25 – 26 March 2019

Building on the successful Hack Days run as part of the 2017 and 2018 Digital Health Summer Schools, the Rewired Hack Day will provide a great opportunity for innovators, start-ups, coders, clinicians and current NHS IT leaders to develop projects that address current issues and frustrations in healthcare.

The Rewired Hack Day provides the opportunity for people with different skills and backgrounds  to team up and collaboratively create prototype solutions to current issues and problems in healthcare over two days. The event is being organised by leading digital health activist and open source campaigner Dr Marcus Baw.

Day one is being run alongside the Digital Health Leadership Summit, which will include tours of the Hack Day. Day two continues at the Novotel until lunchtime, when the Hack day will move across to the Rewired Conference and Exhibition at Olympia London, concluding with presentations from the teams and a community vote for the winning project.

The afternoon presentations will include a ‘what happened next’ feature, following up the projects from the July 2018 Summer Schools Hackday.

The Rewired Hack Day is free to register and inclusive to anyone working in digital health. Whether you’re a healthcare IT leader, clinician, nurse, software developer or designer, you’re invited to come and take part.

The Rewired Hack Day is free to register and inclusive to anyone working in digital health. You’re encouraged to bring along an idea of a digital solution for a healthcare environment that you’d like to collaborate on.

This will be a great opportunity for you to:

  • Connect with current clinicians, developers and senior NHS IT leaders
  • Contribute, collaborate and work with interesting people
  • Gain insight from different users’ perspectives
  • Demonstrate the art of the possible in digital health
  • Do good while having fun

Places are limited. To secure your place make sure to register early.

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