Congratulations to the 2023 Pitchfest scale-up winner, Limbic and 2023 Pitchfest start-up winner, Hera!

Watch twenty-three of the hottest digital health start-ups and scale ups battle it out for a place in the live Rewired Pitchfest 2023 final.

Rewired Pitchfest

From the 23 shortlisted the judges will down-select just 16 to go through and pitch live at Digital Health Rewired and win a place in the final to be named Digital Health Pitchfest winner.

Now in its fifth year, Digital Health Pitchfest has been split into two categories for 2023, start-up and scale-up, with a winner to be named in each category. The start-up of the year will win a trial at an NHS test bed site.

The confirmed start-ups shortlist is:

    • Allos – AI-based platform to accelerate triage for autoimmune issues
    • BFB Labs – fusing immersive gaming with highly evidenced therapies for better youth mental heath
    • Careful – clinical collaboration app that improves productivity in healthcare
    • Frendo – smartphone app for endometriosis patients and those with suspected symptoms
    • Gout Scout – the world’s first gout management app
    • Healthtech-1 – software automating patient registrations for primary care
    • Hera – digital-first maternity and child health platform, launching in postnatal care
    • LVNDR Health – app for sexual healthcare and well-being services designed by LGBTQ+ clinicians
    • Medwise – AI-based search platform used by over 1,000 clinicians
    • MRI My Pacemaker – intelligent cloud-based referrals platform built to enable equal access to essential diagnostics
    • MyOpNotes – digital platform for surgeons to write high-quality operation notes, automatically capturing data for research and audit
    • Pangaea – AI for mapping patient journeys and disease trajectories for preventative health and precision medicine
    • Ufonia – replaces routine patient healthcare interactions with next generation automated phone calls
    • xWave Technologies – a clinical decision support system that aims to tackle the radiology backlog
    • ZiO Health – AI-driven hand-held point-of-care device for therapeutic drug monitoring

Making the scale ups shortlist is:

    • Abtrace – GP software for scanning clinical records to monitor existing long-term conditions, detecting new disease, and optimising preventative treatment
    • Dr Julian – tele and virtual health solutions for mental health providers
    • Kinetikos Health – evidence-based clinical platform and smartphone app to assist in managing movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s
    • Limbic – the world’s first and only AI mental health chatbot with Medical Class IIa UKCA status
    • Liopa – automated lipreading solution rooted in machine learning and AI
    • Panakeia Technologies – AI software platform offering biomarker results in minutes instead of days or weeks
    • Surgery Hero – app-based multi behavioural intervention tailored for patients approaching elective surgery
    • Vinehealth – mobile app to improve the quality of life and outcomes of cancer patients

The pitching now begins in a series of virtual heats where contestants will battle it out in a bid to reach the live finals: SCALE UP FINAL taking place on Tuesday 14 and START UP FINAL on Wednesday 15 of March

Our judges

Chris Chaney
Chief Executive
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Dr Rachael Grimaldi
Co-Founder & CEO
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Jon Hoeksma
Digital Health
Bio (Read more)

Rhod Joyce
Deputy Director of Innovation Development
Transformation Directorate – NHSE & I
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Dr John Lee Allen
Managing Partner
RYSE Asset Management
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Megan Morys-Carter
The Hill
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Rachel Murphy
Chief Banter Officer
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Chris Sawyer
Innovation Lead, Digital Health
Innovate UK
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Joe Stringer
Octopus Ventures
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Rebecca Todd
Investment Director
Longwall Venture Partners LLP
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With our thanks for their continued support and fabulous energy into the project:   


Digital Health Rewired Sponsor - System C & Graphnet Care Alliance

“Pitchfest one of the most well renowned start-up competitions in the health tech space. It would have been foolish to have not got involved. It was a brilliant experience…”

2022 Pitchfest Winner: Cardmedic’s Rachael Grimaldi

How to enter

  1. Read the criteria below to see which category you organisation qualifies for.
  2. Click on the relevant link below to begin populating the entry form with details about your company and the project / product you are engaged in.

Criteria for entering

Start-up Category (free to enter):
Our definition for this competition: a start-up company is in the early stages of its development – an entrepreneurial start-up venture focused on using digital and data tools in an innovative fashion in health and care in UK or internationally. Typically, the start-up will be started by one or more founders who focus on addressing upon a perceived market demand by developing a viable product, service, or platform with a strong digital and data component. You will be self-funded, pre-seed or seed round.

Scale-up Category:
The focus of digital and data-driven innovation for health and care remains the same, but the company is now at scale-up stage. For this competition, we define a scaleup as a high-growth company that has achieved growth of 20% or more in either employment or turnover year on year for at least two years. It is a company that has achieved a lot, had some impressive success and is ready to take it to the next level. A scale-up is a company raising investment to fund their growth, when they may have been through their first rounds of funding and may have reached the Series A stage or similar.

The key difference between a start-up and a scale-up is the main challenges faced. While a start-up’s main challenge is to find a repeatable scalable business model, a scale-up’s main challenge is growth of the already identified business model while maintaining operational controls.

The judges will be looking for key information and evidence about your project, so prepare your entry with these criteria in mind::

  • Vision
  • Innovation and originality
  • Potential impact on health and care provision


  • Entries close at midday on Friday 9th December 2022. Sorry, no extensions granted.
  • Entries that successfully make the shortlisted heats, must have a representative available to present to the judges on W/C 23 January or W/C 30 January 2023.
  • Finalists must be able to attend Rewired 2023 at the Business Design Centre, London on Tuesday 15th March 2023.