Digital Health Rewired Sponsor & Exhibitor - Agfa Healthcare

Agfa HealthCare

Agfa HealthCare helps healthcare organisations deliver better care. We do this through a range of eHealth & Digital Imaging solutions, with 100+ years of healthcare experience and over 40 years as an NHS supplier.

Our Health IT solutions cover a range of areas including:
Enterprise Imaging – PACS, RIS, Image Viewer, Scheduling and Business Intelligence
• Hospital IT – ORBIS EMR/EPR, ORBIS ICU Manager
• Integrated Care platforms – Engage Suite

With leading market shares, we are present in one hospital out of two, with care organisations in over 100 countries using Agfa HealthCare solutions to optimise their efficiency and improve patient care.

Tel: 02082 315 984 (Paul Jackson, Head of Marketing)
E-mail: paul.jackson@agfa.com 

Web: www.global.agfahealthcare.com
Twitter: @AgfaHealthCare
LinkedIn: AGFA HealthCare
Blog: www.blog.agfahealthcare.com
YouTube: AGFA HealthCare Video

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Worldwide Public Sector helps government, education, and nonprofit customers deploy cloud services to reduce costs, drive efficiencies, and increase innovation across the globe. With AWS, you only pay for what you use, with no up-front physical infrastructure expenses or long-term commitments. Public Sector organisations of all sizes use AWS to build applications, host websites, harness big data, store information, conduct research, improve online access for citizens, and more. AWS has dedicated teams focused on helping our customers pave the way for innovation and, ultimately, make the world a better place through technology.

Email: EMEA-LDRs@amazon.com

Website: www.aws.amazon.com
Twitter: @awscloud
LinkedIn: Amazon Web Services
YouTube: AmazonWebServices

Digital Health Rewired Sponsor & Exhibitor - Cambio Healthcare

Cambio Healthcare

Cambio Healthcare Systems continues to lead the paradigm shift to true integrated care with future-proof, open systems that embrace the “new ecosystem” of tomorrow.

Our healthcare solutions are:
– Integrated across the whole care continuum, connecting every stakeholder in your patients’ journey and allowing you to work together across organisational boundaries
– Interoperable and open, ensuring that you are able to leverage the full power of your patients’ data to improve quality of care, patient safety and performance
– Innovative and able to provide new models of care delivery to help you manage the health of both individuals and populations
At Cambio, our vision of modern healthcare reflects the need for tomorrow’s technology, delivered today.

The Blade,
6th Floor,
Abbey Square,
Reading RG1 3BE

Tel: +44 (0) 118 3240 999
Email: info@cambiohealthcare.co.uk

Twitter: @Cambio_UK

Digital Health Rewired Sponsor - Cisco


Cisco is the worldwide leader in information-technology that helps companies seize the opportunities of tomorrow by proving that amazing things can happen when you connect the previously unconnected. At Cisco customers come first and an integral part of our DNA is creating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that support their success.

Cisco has a dedicated team supporting our UK health and care customers. They offer a comprehensive set of industry knowledge and are able to position Cisco’s extensive range of products and services to best meet customer needs.

Tel: 08004 047 778

Website: www.cisco.com/uk/healthcare

Digital Health Rewired Sponsor & Exhibitor - IMS Maxims

IMS Maxims

IMS MAXIMS is an award winning clinical technology specialist committed to improving the coordination of patient care in healthcare environments. Its expert team works in partnership with healthcare organisations to identify and deliver tailored, sustainable, information sharing technology solutions supporting the provision of safer and more efficient care for current and future generations.

The organisation’s 32-year history of collaborating with clinicians has resulted in the development of proven, user-friendly, safe and interoperable EPR software used across the NHS, including at Taunton and Somerset FT, an Acute Global Digital Exemplar site.

Our approach to digital transformation has increased collaboration in the development of the software, which has resulted in better clinical engagement and empowerment across hospital wards and departments. Deployment times are fast, meaning clinicians and patients will also benefit from efficiency and safety improvements in rapid time and achieve savings of £100m+ over the lifetime of a contract.

Contact Leesa Ewing, Commercial Director:

Tel: 07813 295 783
Email: Leesa.Ewing@imsmaxims.com

Website: www.imsmaxims.com

Digital Health Rewired Sponsor - InterSystems


InterSystems is supporting healthcare transformation around the world making the vision of connected health and care a reality.
We enable every care provider in every care setting secure access to a shared electronic health and care record for each patient, giving them all available information to help them make quicker and safer decisions.

Our products combine complete information, intuitive workflow and embedded analytics to:
• Reduce unwarranted variation in care
• Promote adherence to consistent standards
• Provide evidence based clinical decision support
• Minimise reliance on remembering
• Improve patient outcomes
• Advance population health understanding and management

Creating an environment that enables informed patient engagement and facilitates easier access to services. Where you’re not only capturing and sharing information, but you’re able to immediately understand and act on that information through embedded analytics and decision support.

Over 85 NHS Trusts and Boards are using InterSystems Technology to connect and share information between disparate clinical systems, we know connected care is improved care.

Tel: 01753 829 647
Email: erica.bennett@intersystems.com

Website: www.intersystems.co.uk
Twitter: @InterSystemsUK
LinkedIn: InterSystems UK
Facebook: InterSystems UK

Digital Health Rewired Sponsor - Nuance

Nuance Healthcare

Nuance provides intelligent systems that support a more natural and insightful approach to clinical documentation, freeing clinicians to spend more time caring for patients. Nuance healthcare solutions capture, improve, and communicate more than 300 million patient stories each year, helping more than 500,000 clinicians in 10,000 global healthcare organisations drive meaningful clinical and financial outcomes.

Nuance’s award-winning clinical speech recognition, medical transcription, EPR optimisation services, virtual assistants, CDI, coding, quality, and medical imaging solutions provide a more complete and accurate view of patient care.

Tel: 08000 314 388

Website: www.nuance.com, What’s next healthcare blog
Twitter: @voice4health
LinkedIn: Nuance Healthcare
Facebook: Nuance Healthcare



It’s widely accepted that the NHS is facing an unprecedented demand for services, with many senior industry figures now confident the accelerated adoption of technology could help to alleviate many of the pressures on clinical services.

Samsung’s technology* continues to be used by healthcare organisations across the globe, in order to do more with less and improve both the patient and employee experience.  It’s proven that ‘mobile working’ enables healthcare professionals to work more flexibly, access information more readily and deliver better patient outcomes – all of which helps with:

• Instant and secure communication with colleagues
• Remote access to patient records
• Real time capture of patient observations and notes
• Collaboration
• Immersive technology for training
• Protection against cyber-attacks

Samsung is ideally placed to help equip and educate your teams with the latest technology and ensure that your organisation’s data remains secure.

Web: www.samsung.com
LinkedIn: Samsung Business UK

*Samsung devices and in-built software are not manufactured for medical or therapeutic purposes. Compatible third party medical software required.

Digital Health Rewired Exhibitor - Silver Buck

Silver Buck

At Silver Buck we break through the noise, infuse creativity, drive meaningful engagements and deliver results. Our carefully chosen team of industry experts and creative thinkers thrive on bringing new ideas, concepts and solutions to the digital health market and ensuring that our clients firmly establish themselves within the health IT sector.

Silver Buck offers end-to-end, fully integrated PR and marketing services for clients ranging from innovative NHS organisations to the coolest start-ups and biggest health tech companies in the world. Every single client is important to us, with no project too small or campaign too big.

Tel: +44 (0) 7887 521099
Email: stephen@silver-buck.com

Website: www.silver-buck.com
Twitter: @SilverBuck_UK
LinkedIn: Silver Buck

Digital Health Rewired Sponsor - System C and Graphnet

System C and Graphnet Care Alliance

The System C & Graphnet Care Alliance offers integrated health and social care IT solutions in the UK. We specialise in providing the next generation of care IT, providing health and social care solutions that allow for the integration of services across whole care communities. Transforming the way services are delivered and bridging the gap between care settings.

Together we are:
• No. 1 supplier in integrated care records with 49 CCGs using CareCentric shared records
• No. 1 supplier in social care with 49% of councils using our Liquidlogic software
• No. 1 supplier in mobile decision support system with 28 Trusts performing over 6 million assessments a month using Vitalpac
• No. 2 supplier in acute Electronic Patient Records with deployments in 24 Trusts
• No. 1 supplier in child health (covering 6.2m children and 82 CCGs) through CarePlus
• A significant player in areas such as Maternity (22 Trusts) and Business Intelligence (34 Trusts)

System C +44 (0) 1622 691 616
Graphnet +44 (0) 3330 771 988
Email: enquire@systemc.com, info@graphnethealth.com

Twitter: @System_C, @GraphnetHealth

Digital Health Rewired Sponsor - UKCloud Health

UKCloud Health

UKCloud Health is here to work to dissolve traditional challenges and prepare for an increasingly digital future. We support cloud and digital transformation of services across the healthcare sector, including health & care, research & life sciences and the pharmaceutical industry. By addressing the need for interoperability, we make it easy for sensitive datasets to gravitate to our trusted and flexible platform.

Tel: 0125 230 3300
Francesca Rayment: frayment@ukcloud.com

Twitter: @UKCloudHealth
LinkedIn: UKCloud Health