January 20, 2021

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Lunch and Pitchfest Heat 4

13:20 pm - 13:23 pm
Online platform which uses data and clinical experience to benchmark children’s language and speech
Dr Shona D'Arcy, CEO - Kids Speech Labs

13:28 pm - 13:31 pm
Digital platform which allows doctors to triage, track, plan and review the care of patients
Mr Piyush Mahapatra, Director of Innovation Open Medical Ltd

13:36 pm - 13:39 pm
Uses XR, AI and gamification to help healthcare employees learn faster and remember training for longer
Stephen Hart, Chief Operating Officer - Virti Healthcare

13:44 pm - 13:47 pm
Digital hub which facilities remote consultations
Dr Stephen Katebe, Director & Co-Founder - Tekihealth Solutions

Judges Heat 4 Winner Announcement

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