Tom Whicher


Personalised Outpatients is the key to managing demand and supporting elective recovery. It’s so much more than just Patient Initiated Follow Up (PIFU).Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Dr Murray Ellender | Benjamin Kenyon

CEO | Product Manager, Healthcare AI & Data

During this session Dr Murray Ellender and Benjamin Kenyon will describe how eConsult has pioneered a new normal – asynchronous consultations between patients and their NHS GP. Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Dr Joachim Werr

Founder and Executive Chair

This panel discussion will look at the opportunities for AI in healthcare, the role of organisational culture in accepting AI and how to adopt AI in a way that is safe and ethical.

Róisín Reade

Head of Implementation & Product Manager

Capacity and demand: see how health and social care teams are using e-scheduling software to drive efficiencies and evidence capacity and demand across community services – helping teams become more agile and reducing the pressure on the wider NHS. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Professor Graham Evans


A reflection of a transformation journey, creating the conditions and capability to transform and digitally enable patient centred care, but it’s not just about the technology!

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Professor Louise Hicks

CNIO and Director or Development

Engaging the team and generating positive energy are core to our digital transformation quest. This session highlights the change and improvement approach used to implement electronic prescribing, Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Deborah Wickens

Lead Nurse Harm Free Care

Debbie Wickens talks about how embracing digital technology transformed practice within a busy Tissue Viability Team

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Frances Beadle | Claire Bevan

National Clinical Informatics Lead (Nursing) | SRO Digitisation of Nursing Documentation Project NHS Wales

The Welsh Nursing Care Record (WNCR) is a digital platform for all health boards and trusts in Wales where nursing staff and clinical colleagues complete and view adult inpatient assessments including risk assessments.Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Jules Gudgeon

National Digital Midwife Lead for Maternity

“Women centred, Clinically led, Digitally driven” is the ethos that underpins the Digital Midwives Expert Reference Group, a network of Digital leaders working in front line maternity services across England. Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Karen Akehurst | Nigel Wong

Senior Business Analyst | Paramedic and Business Support Manager

This session will showcase how NHS Digital have developed the National Record Locator (NRL) that enables clinicians to access multiple care plans e.g. End of Life, Mental Health Crisis, NEWS2, eRedbag and Emergency care plans. Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Jonny Sammut

Deputy CIO & Head of Digital Intelligence & Analytics

This session will outline how the North West Ambulance Service, went from Pirates to Pioneers, using a mixture of curiosity, inner rebellion and small bold actions. Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Simon Marsh


Yorkshire Ambulance Service is the regional service provider for Yorkshire and Humberside of 999, 111 and Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services (NEPTS), serving a population of over 5 million people. Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Andy Haywood

Director of Digital

How much do you know about Ambulance Services? The Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust handles millions of patient interactions a year across a broad range of physical and digital services, from 999 to the 111.wales.nhs website.Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Jas Cartwright | Mark Chandiram

Director of Continuous Improvement | Client Director, NHS

This session will explore the challenges of delivering digital transformation and the cultural change needed across the system and regions to ensure it success.Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Katherine Church

Chief Digital Officer

In this presentation, Katherine will explore the role which ICSs can and should play in enabling providers to come together across the boundaries of organisations, Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Lisa Emery | Ernest Redwood-Sawyerr

CIO | Digital Transformation Systems Manager

With around 600 clinical studies open at any one time and about 170 new studies opened each year, the Royal Marsden Hospital is one of the top 4 cancer centres in the world.Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Eileen Jessop


Effective leadership, engagement and participation by clinicians is essential to the successful transformation of health and care services. Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Professor Jonathan Benger CBE

Chief Medical Officer

Effective leadership, engagement and participation by clinicians is essential to the successful transformation of health and care services. Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Sarah Newcombe | Hayley Grafton


Join us in celebrating the success of nursing graduates who have completed the Shuri Fellowship, Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarship, Topol Fellowship and Digital Academy, and explore the opportunities provided by these programmes.

Digital Nursingdigital-nursing2022
Dr Roxanne Crosby-Nwaobi

Lead Nurse for Research/NIHR ICA Clinical Lecturer, NIHR Clinical Research Facility

Join us in celebrating the success of nursing graduates who have completed the Shuri Fellowship, Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarship, Topol Fellowship and Digital Academy, and explore the opportunities provided by these programmes.

Digital Nursingdigital-nursing2022
Elise Dagny Pabriaga | Sithabile Tshabalala

Research Nurse | Digital Nurse Specialist

Join us in celebrating the success of nursing graduates who have completed the Shuri Fellowship, Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarship, Topol Fellowship and Digital Academy, and explore the opportunities provided by these programmes.

Digital Nursingdigital-nursing2022
Lisa Ward | Holly Carr

Associate Director of Nursing (Patient Safety & Governance) & CNIO | Florence Nightingale Fellow

Join us in celebrating the success of nursing graduates who have completed the Shuri Fellowship, Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholarship, Topol Fellowship and Digital Academy, and explore the opportunities provided by these programmes.

Digital Nursingdigital-nursing2022
Emma Robertson

Patient Lead

Why digital standards matter to patients and why, as a cancer patient, I leapt at the chance to support the creation of digital nursing standards?

Digital Nursingdigital-nursing2022
Sara Nelson

Deputy CNIO

Remote monitoring technologies have played a major role in the NHS’ response to the Covid-19 pandemic, helping more people to be cared for outside of hospital in a safe and convenient way.Read More

Digital Nursingdigital-nursing2022
Sonia Patel | Andrea Lewis

System CIO & Director of Levelling Up | Chief Nurse

Introducing the Guidance for Nursing on What Good Looks Like which aims to support leaders to practically apply What Good Looks Like to the nursing profession, enabling the achievement of the digital transformation goals set out by the NHS Long Term plan.Read More

Digital Nursingdigital-nursing2022
Lisa Ward | Dr Lucy Nicholson

Associate Director of Nursing (Patient Safety) & CNIO | Specialist Palliative Care Consultant

A collaboration between Specialist Palliative Care (SPCT) and Digital Specialist Nurses at CDDFT has developed an innovative new observation module within the Trusts digital system (Nervecentre) to enhance end of life care – Comfort Observations. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Dr Swan Kang

Consultant Ophthalmologist in Adnexal and Digital Medicine

We have successfully introduced and maintained a new video consultation pathway to review new patients with benign eyelid lesions referred to a tertiary ophthalmic unit. Over a year, there were a total of 1,101 appointments for 974 patients. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Darrien Bold | Dr Ingrid Kane

National Digital & AI Lead for Stroke | Consultant Stroke Physician

The use of AI software is an integral part of the National Optimal Stroke Imaging Pathway (NOSIP). Published as part of the National Stroke Service Model in May 2021, this pathway has been designed to guide the efficient use of radiology resources, reducing duplication. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Elaine Tustian | Simon Noel

Senior Divisional Nurse Informatics Lead? | CNIO

The Digital Nursing Team at Oxford University Hospitals NHS foundation Trust was established in 2017 and has developed to become an essential driver for digital transformation and the key link between the clinical teams and the technical solutions. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
James Bird

CNIO & Deputy Director of Nursing

As we have moved from paper to electronic documentation, so our audits and quality improvement cycles have also changed. No longer are we auditing a small selection of patients and making assumptions about the quality of care, we are now able to audit large volumes of patients’ data across multiple hospital sites to identify trends and opportunities from improvement. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Steve Brigden

Head of Cylera UK

The healthcare cyber threat landscape is changing very quickly. New enterprise risks and compliance requirements necessitate a different approach. Medical and other healthcare devices Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Dr Sharlene Greenwood

Consultant Physiotherapist

Kidney Beam www.beamfeelgood.com is a novel web-based self-management programme designed to allow people with kidney disease to learn about their condition and provide support to them, both physically and emotionally during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Miss Sunita Sharma

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur

Unlike other acute services, postnatal teams provide simultaneous support for the mother and baby(ies). In December 2018, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital launched a be-spoke postnatal digital dashboard, joining-up mother-and-baby care and the 14 different group of team members into one web-based portal. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Dr Neville Young

Director of Enterprise and Innovation

Yorkshire has a thriving life sciences sector and is a hotbed for digital and health innovation – creating jobs, building assets, and providing a blueprint for how healthcare will be delivered in the future.Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Max Perry

PhD Researcher, Sociology

Over the past 20 years we have tried to make our Medical Records digital records. “Paperless NHS 2020” has come and gone yet our medical records remain, stubbornly reliant on paper. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Ben Wanless | Dr Carey McClellan

Consultant MSK Physiotherapist | CEO & Clinical Director

What are the challenges we face when evaluating digital health products and services? Why is it so difficult, and where can you go for help?

Professor Henry Potts

Professor of Health Informatics

What are the challenges we face when evaluating digital health products and services? Why is it so difficult, and where can you go for help?

Dr Sophie Barrack

Project Management Director

Apian is a groundbreaking medical logistics start-up whose mission is to use drones to deliver greener, faster and smarter healthcare to the NHS and beyond. We are excited to tell you all about who we are, what we do, our start-up journey, current projects across the UK and what the future holds.

Mridula Pore

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

As the winner of Pitchfest 2021, Mridula will provide an update on what happened next, 12 months on from winning Pitchfest and share insights from the journey of Peppy Health.

Dr Miles Langdon

CMO & GP Partner

The pandemic prompted primary care providers to rethink how they deliver aspects of care – online consultation tools were rolled out rapidly at the start of 2020, and whilst there were some clear benefits in the immediate term, it didn’t necessarily help practices redesign care in the longer-term.Read More

Haris Shuaib

Head of Clinical Scientific Computing

We’ll present an overview of the progress of AIDE (AI Deployment Engine) – a world-leading program to enable AI at the point of care.Read More

Jacob Haddad

CEO & Co-Founder

As pressures on the system continue to grow and ICSs take shape, the expectations on integrated care are higher than ever.Read More

Tom Searle | Professor James Teo | Dr Robert Harland | Dr Anoop Dinesh Shah | Dr Wai Keong Wong

Programme Manager/ Clinical Informatics PhD Candidate | Joint Clinical Director of Data & AI | Consultant in General Adult Psychiatry & Caldicott Guardian | Associate Professor | Chief Research Information Officer

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Matt Dugdale

Head of Clinical & Digital Innovation

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Mark Jackson

National Cybersecurity Advisor, UK&I

There is no doubt that digitisation and connecting everything can deliver significant benefits, but in the race to connect everything, organisations face an ever expanding attack surface which defenders are struggling to protect. Read More

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Paul Charnley | Dr James Reed

Digital Lead/ Co-Chair | CCIO

This session looks at Blueprints but flips the idea and recommends the things to do to help projects fail. Hence the name RedPrints!Read More

Professor Suzanne Martin

Chief Allied Health Professions Officer

Be a part of the very first AHPs and Pharmacy session at Rewired 2022! Taking place on Wednesday 16 March, we will host two sessions; an informative panel, followed by an interactive workshop, dedicated to AHP and Pharmacy digital leaders.Read More

Lucy Brown | Dione Rogers | Robert Cutforth | Jane Dwelly

Deputy Director | CNIO/Deputy Chief Nurse | Senior Learning Technologist | Vice President International

Lucy Brown, Deputy Director of FNF Academy and FNF Director of Nursing, Robert Cutforth, FNF Senior Learning Technologist and Dione Rogers, Read More

Dr Andrew Gvozdanovic

Patient Engagement Lead

convergeHEALTH is Deloitte’s digital health services and product business that aims to support organisations in their digital transformation.Read More

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Tara Athanasiou | Neil Bartram | Laura Godtschalk | Debbie Westmoreland

Senior Consultant | Business Relationship Manager | LLR ShCR Programme Manager | Digital Transformation Consultant

From the nose to the tail – implementing a shared record in a busy mixed health and care economy. Delivering benefits, managing ‘buy in’ and maintaining momentum.

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Paul Bradley


Paul will speak about the importance of interoperability facilitated by the Trust?s Enovacom Integration Engine to programmes of work to improve health and social care for people with mental illness and learning disability.

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Catherine Dampney

Director of Innovation & Transformation

“Following key ICS Principles, this session will include:
1) How do we design for better, Place-based outcomes Read More

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Conor Burke


Following key ICS Principles, this session will include:
1) How do we design for better, Place-based outcomes Read More

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Michelle Unterbrink

Customer Engineering Manager

AI can improve clinical outcomes, if the right foundation is in place. To unlock the power of AI in healthcare, you’ll need to establish a secure foundation, Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Dr Annabelle Painter | Dr Mike Nix | George Onisiforou

Clinical Fellow, AI & Workforce | Clinical Fellow, AI & Workforce AI Lab | Research Manager

Safe, effective and ethical adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in healthcare relies on confidence in using AI products.Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Dr Christopher Kelly

Staff Clinician Research Scientist

Introduction to how artificial intelligence can impact healthcare, including the detection of disease, facilitating new models of care, and enabling the promise of personalised screening.

AI & Dataai-data2022
Professor Alf Collins | Mark England

Clinical Director, Personalised Care Group | CEO

1% of population consumes 53% of unplanned care but how do we find them at the right time? And how do we personalise care to really work for patients? Find out how,Read More

National Policynational-policy2022
Jane Tyacke

Director of Strategy & Business Development

Could greater patient engagement help with more efficient management of the backlog?

National Policynational-policy2022
Dr Alastair Bishop

eHealth SDPM – Safer Medicines

NHS Scotland is introducing hospital electronic prescribing and medicines administration across all NHS Boards. As one of the largest health organisations in Europe, Read More

National Policynational-policy2022
Beverley Bryant | Professor Ian Abbs | Professor Clive Kay


Project Apollo is the hugely ambitious digital transformation initiative across Guy’s and St Thomas’ and Kings, underpinned by a shared Epic EMR. Read More

National Policynational-policy2022
Justene Ewing

Vice President Health and Care, UK & Australia

After the Second World War we entered a ‘post-war consensus’. Historians use this term because all political parties agreed on the country’s top priorities and worked together to deliver them.Read More

National Policynational-policy2022
Dan West

CDIO for Health and Care

Northern Ireland is setting the UK’s most ambitious Digital vision for Health and Social Care, and is quietly getting on with delivering it. Read More

National Policynational-policy2022
Dr Monika Gratzke

Global Medical Director

With the pandemic accelerating the benefits of digital healthcare in delivering faster access, Dr Gratzke will share her views on how digital healthcare in Europe is now going deeper and broader- connecting more patients,Read More

National Policynational-policy2022
Dr Susheel Varma

Chief technology Officer (interim)

Broadening access to health data while preserving patient privacy and confidentiality will be a key component of the forthcoming NHS Data Strategy. As the national institute for health data science,Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Gary Leeming | Darryl Davies

Director, LCR Civic Data Cooperative | Product Director, Population Health

The CIPHA project deployed a Trustworthy Research Environment to support Liverpool and Manchester Universities undertaking multiple research projects during the pandemic.Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
I-Lin Hall | Mark Walsh

Head of Data and Digital Applications | Portfolio Manager

In the North East and North Cumbria (NENC) Integrated Care System (ICS) – two strategic programmes are coming together to improve how data is linked and analysed for the purposes of service improvement,Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Dr Devesh Sinha

CCIO, Clinical Lead Stroke Physician & NEL ICS Stroke Lead

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to enhance patient care – but it can be difficult getting started especially in a DGH which was very badly hit by covid. Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Dr Basab Bhattacharya

AI Lead

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to enhance patient care – but it can be difficult getting started especially in a DGH which was Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Professor Darren Treanor

Consultant Pathologist & Director of National Pathology Imaging Co-operative

NPIC (National Pathology Imaging Co-operative) links over 30 hospitals across England with the aim of full digitisation of pathology diagnosis, underpinning the development and evaluation of artificial intelligence.Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Mathew Watt

Senior Programme Manager, AI Imaging

AI & Dataai-data2022
Dr Patrik Bächtiger

Clinical Research Fellow in Digital Health

The NHS Long Term Plan emphasises that “80% of heart failure is currently diagnosed in hospital, despite 40% of patients having symptoms that should have triggered an earlier assessment.” Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Ayub Bhayat

Director of Insight and Data Platform

Data and Analytics have had a key role in our response to COVID-19, underpinning the largest vaccination programme in NHS history and supporting the recovery of critical services.Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Kristian Jones

Chief Analytics Officer

The potential for using data and analytics – everything from simple searches to complex AI – to improve healthcare delivery and drive better patient outcomes is enormous.Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Dr Nicola Byrne

National Data Guardian

As we journey ever further into a bright new future in which data-driven innovation is fuelling so many new insights and advancements across health and care, it is important that we don?t lose sight of what is important to the people whose data is enabling these changes. Read More

AI & Dataai-data2022
Helena Painting

Head of Software Development

What can we say about best practice in app development in just five minutes? Reflections on best practice approaches to addressing effective app design in the NHS context.

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Andy Wilcox

Senior Solutions Marketing Manager

As healthcare organisations around the world have adopted new working practices to support the requirement for remote and multi-location healthcare delivery models, so the management of the supporting technology has grown considerably more complex. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Simon Evans

Managing Director

Many trusts face the challenge of being able to unlock non structured data held in Electronic Patient Record systems. Digitally captured free text clinical information is often buried in documents and in some cases, held in encrypted format. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Dr Michael McCabe | Keith Wilson

Consultant Anaesthetist | Digital Innovation Programme Manager

#CallMe is a unique digital project to ensure that patients are addressed in a way of their choice throughout their hospital journey. The default in the NHS is to address patients by their formal forename. However, with over 20,000 completed #CallMe’s, Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Paul Henderson


Paul will summarise 5 initiatives embodying the spirit and value of digital health for the public, patients, and staff. We all share the vision of enabling people to liver better Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Gwynedd Williams, MPH | Madi Stephens | Sally Burley

Research Fellow | Clinical Research Fellow | Mobile Solutions Specialist

The Connected Health Care Project asks if satellite connectivity is possible, feasible, usable and adequate for the delivery of mental Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Will Wright

Director, Global Commercialization

The digitalisation of healthcare continues to expand. From virtual care to the centralisation of clinical images, videos and patient information ? understanding how this can improve patient outcomes is key.Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Mark Kenny

Strategic Transformation Lead

Healthcare is complex, particularly collaborating as a system partnership with people, carers and multiple providers towards more integrated, preventative and personalised approaches.Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Ron Miles

Vice President, UK, Ireland, EMEA

Public cloud gets all the attention in the headlines, but most healthcare organizations are actually choosing private/hybrid clouds that may include hospitals hosting for other organizations (private cloud).Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Videha Sharma

Topol Digital Health Fellow

Kidney transplantation is a complex, cross-speciality and multi-centre clinical service. Health IT has the potential to support data management, communication and national registration. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Paul Cameron

Account Director

The need for a fully interoperable network to share comprehensive patient reports quickly and securely internally and between trusts and GPs across regional boundaries is now seen as an essential requirement. Clinicians need to be assured that complete patient diagnostic data is being shared and have confidence that they are providing patients with the highest quality patient-centric care.Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Thomas Nicholas | Mohammad Forid Alom

Associate Director for Business Intelligence | Strategic Lead for Information Analytics

Harnessing the power of Business Intelligence technology, East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) have been working on creating an integrated quality management system for our all services. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Greg Kalucki

CCO, Advisor – Digital Health Products and Services

The role of a healthcare professional comes with many challenges. Some of them are related to communication with patients, especially when it comes to making difficult decisions and explaining new treatment methods.Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Fatema Jessa

Chief Pharmaceutical Officer?s Clinical Fellow

NICE is a renowned and respected expert in health technology assessment and has previously developed evidence standards for digital health technologies.Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Steve Brigden

Head of Cylera UK

Learn how to simply meet and exceed 2022 DSPT requirements around medical device and IoT security with an automated next-generation approach. Read More

Best Practice Showcasebest-practice-showcase2022
Dr Paul Deffley | Tom Scott

UK Chief Medical Officer | UK Commercial Director

In this session, Alcidion?s UK Chief Medical Officer, Dr Paul Deffley, and UK Commercial Director, Tom Scott, will talk about how the adoption of a modern, modular EPR based on open standards and FHIR will allow organisations to innovate rapidly.Read More

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Mark Hunt

IT Development Manager

A brief look at the journey to date and future plans for use of Open data platforms within Somerset NHS Foundation Trust and across Somerset

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Gary McAllister

Chief Technology Officer

Interoperability is everywhere! But what does this really look like? Gary McAllister from the OneLondon team and author of ‘An Introduction to Digital Healthcare in the NHS’ (https://amzn.to/3purbFS) will provide an overview of interoperability,Read More

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Dr Saroj Patel

Chief Digital & Information Officer

How do you democratise access to high quality digital solutions that will support the delivery of safe and effective patient care in the NHS and beyond? At the RNOH we are developing an affordable modular care record system – openMCR – using modern, flexible technologies. Read More

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Phil Bottomley

Digital Strategic Lead

Overview of the current journey and plans to modernise The Christie?s Electronic Health Record (EHR) using a modular open platform approach.Read More

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Ben McGough | Dr Iain Cranston | Dr Neel Basudev | Dr Matt Guy

Programme Lead | Consultant Physician | GP Partner/ Diabetes Lead | Parent Carer/ Consultant Clinical Scientist

The session will cover how the NHS has supported the acceleration and adoption of wearable technologies for people living with type 1 diabetes to support self-management, Read More

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Dr Dilshan Arawwawala | Cindy Kouris | Andrew Temple | Philip Graham

CCIO/ Consultant ICM & Anaesthesia | Head of Workforce Information & Systems | Senior Project Manager | Digital Programme Director

The NHS COVID-19 staff digital passport proved its value during the pandemic, supporting staff movement across care systems. With unprecedented demand and pressures on the NHS and the people working for it, Read More

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Douglas Hamandishe

CCIO / Broadcaster & Presenter

The NHS has challenged the status quo that is based on a traditional transactional approach to clinical software and the resulting workflows, that is, a system of record.Read More

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Samantha Robinson

Associate Director of Live Services

Since the Covid-19 response accelerated the deployment of digital solutions in the health sector, our reliance on technology has never been greater. Read More

Smart Healthsmart-health2022
Lee Rickles | John Mitchell

Yorkshire & Humber Care Record Programme Director & CIO | Associate Director of IT

Any End of Life pathway is understandably difficult, with both Patients and Professionals needing as much support and empowerment as possible. Patients have the right to contribute to their end of life plan at any time, and updates Read More

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Kate Walker

ICS Digital Programme Director

• Why & how we formed
• What we did & what we learned
• Why this makes a difference

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Professor Graham Evans

Chief Information and Technology Officer/SIRO / Chief Digital Officer

As the largest of the 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICS) in England, for the North East and North Cumbria ICS, Digital Transformation is fundamental to improving the health outcomes for the people and population we serve, our digital strategy is all about the delivery.

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Alastair Allen


More data than ever is collected by, and on behalf of individuals, over a lifetime. Sharing organised and complete health data to generate insights for better health outcomes is the driving force behind improving health.Read More

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Dr Paula Bennett

Chief Nurse & CNIO

Over 140,000 patients each month are now accessed through the GM Care Record due to its accelerated rollout during the pandemic. Read More

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Shauna McMahon | Ian Maxfield

CIO | Associate Head of Geographic Intelligence and Mapping

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Ruth Holland | Rony Arafin

Deputy CIO/ London Brand Lead | Head of Analytics/ COO

Integrated Care Systems need forward-thinking data strategies to help deliver joined up care, improve population health and reduce health inequalities. Read More

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Jim Hughes

Strategic Advisor – Digital Programmes

The CIPHA (Combined Intelligence for Population Health Action) Programme was devised at the start of he COVID pandemic as a whole system intelligence response to support system wide and local resilience and on the ground Read More

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Paul Charnley

Digital Lead

Paul started work in NHS Information and IT in 1980 . Since then he has worked in a number of developments over the last 40 years that have resulted in progress towards being able to understand the health of populations from multiple angles. Read More

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Markus Bolton


Markus Bolton will explore why the health and social care is at such a pivotal moment in the UK, with the development of ICSs cementing partnership and collaboration between organisations. Read More

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Guy Lucchi

Digital Innovation Director

The pandemic has presented many challenges, but the opportunity for digital transformation in response has been a priority for the NHS, and it’s no different for the GM health and care system. Read More

Integrated Careintegrated-care2022
Daniel Hallen

Head of Digital Technology and Digital Urgent & Emergency Care

Following research in 2020/1, Daniel is returning to share some of his findings on the understanding of digital inclusion within NHS leadership. Read More

National Policynational-policy2022
James Balmain


Patient-led booking isn?t a one size fits all solution, but it could be a game changer for suitable patients. Deep integration with EPR will be vital to managing pathways safely and efficiently at scale. Read More

National Policynational-policy2022
David Newey

Deputy CIO

National Policynational-policy2022
Helen Thomas


An overview of the opportunities and challenges for Wales, and how collaboration and digitally-enabled transformation are key drivers for cultural change that will touch every aspect of health and care for staff and patients.

National Policynational-policy2022
Dr Nick Harvey

GP & Clinical Lead Digital First

The last few years have seen a meteoric rise in digital services and many have been seen as a god-send in trying to meet demands during the pandemic. Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Dr Marcus Baw

Freelance General Hacktitioner, Software Dev, Clinical Informatician

Can Royal Colleges 3.0 deliver the tech standards and clinical digital tools we all need for modern practice? We explore the idea and the practicalities of Royal Colleges 3.0, with the example of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Digital Growth Charts

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Dr Phil Koczan

Clinical Lead for Shared Records and Primary Care Digital Transformation

This talk will look at the benefits of providing patients with greater access to their GP record, the challenges and managing potential risks.

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Dr Minal Bakhai

Clinical Director for General Practice Transformation and Digital First Primary Care

General practice has demonstrated with confidence our ability to deliver really transformative change at pace and going forward in 2022 we expect to see that continue as we support the recovery plan for patient care. Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Arden Tomison

Founder & CEO

After two close friends were sectioned Arden set about seeking to improve the care of those subject to the Mental Health Act.Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Dr Miriam Grover | Breda Spillane | Bonnie Studd

Patients Know Best (PKB) Clinical Pathway Deployment Support Lead | Project Management Lead | Project Manager

The Digital Recovery Platform is an integrated and interactive planning toolkit to support individuals with SMI to access support across organisations such as primary, secondary, social and voluntary care in order to plan and maintain their recovery.Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Dr Lia Ali

Clinical Advisor

The digital playbooks have been designed to surface best practice across a range of clinical scenarios and pathways to inspire digital transformation that will have the biggest impacts across the health and care system. Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Mr Graham D. Smith | Dr Simon Wallace

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon & CCIO | CCIO

Frimley Health Foundation Trust is currently replacing 200-plus legacy systems with a single Electronic Patient Record (EPR) system. In this talk, Frimley?s CCIO will update you on the latest project milestones and will explain why integrating speech-recognition technology is an integral part of this plan.

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Kanthan Theivendran

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

We are developing openOutcomes as an industry leading electronic platform for the collection and use of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs), allowing community and secondary care providers to develop their own PROMs programmes. Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Dr George Findlay

Chief Executive Officer

Medway NHS Foundation Trust recently went live with its EPR, deploying in less than five months during a time when the trust was experiencing intense pandemic pressures.Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Andy Carruthers


Informative session on how the collaborative development of the Nervecentre EPR solution at Leicester’s hospitals is putting usability first. The case study will include:
• The journey to HIMSS 5 accreditation Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Saffron Cordery

Deputy Chief Executive

A summary of the key messages we have heard from trust leaders during the Digital Boards programme and a reflection on the role digital is playing in recovery, capacity and demand, and transformation in the NHS. Read More

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022
Professor David Rosser

Chief Executive

Insights from University Hospitals Birmingham’s journey in to digitally transforming health and social care, including achievements so far and vision for the future.

Digital Transformationdigital-transformation2022