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  • 25 March 2019: Rewired Leadership Summit (with Evening Social) – Novotel London West

26 March 2019: Rewired Conference and Exhibition (Expo) – Olympia, London

25 – 26 March 2019: Rewired Hack Day – Novotel London West

Digital Health Rewired is FREE for everyone from NHS, public sector, independent providers, charities and education sectors.

Private sector delegate places are charged.

Need a place to stay? The Hilton Olympia and the Novotel London West have both given us preferential rates. Click for more information on accommodation.

The Rewired Conference and Exhibition

Olympia, London
26 March 2019

The Rewired Conference and Exhibition, 26 March on Day 2 of Digital Health Rewired, is the essential one-day conference and exhibition leading the vision of digitally integrated care. It will showcase the best uses of disruptive information technologies across AI and Analytics, Clinical Software, Cloud and Mobile, Cyber Security and Digital Imaging in public health and care.

Open to everyone from the NHS, public sector, registered charities and private healthcare providers.

Rewired Leadership Summit + Rewired Conference and Exhibition

Novotel London West and Olympia, London
25 & 26 March 2019

In its fourth year, the popular Digital Health Leadership Summit moves to become the Rewired Leadership Summit on Day 1 on Rewired.

Dedicated to helping health leaders develop effective strategies for digital transformation, the Rewired Leadership Summit invites health IT leaders to share success stories and actionable advice. Hear from digital pioneers in healthcare and other public sectors across the UK.

The Rewired Leadership Summit will take place at Novotel London West on 25 March 2019.

The Summit is exclusively for CCIOs, CIOs and CNIOs, plus their CEOs, FDs and other board-level colleagues.

Note: Tickets for the Rewired Leadership Summit are now sold out. However, tickets for the Rewired Conference and Exhibition, as well as the Rewired Hack Day are still available.

Rewired Hack Day

Novotel London West
25 – 26 March 2019

The Rewired Hack Day will run throughout Rewired and enable participants to develop working proof of concepts.  The event will include workshop tutorials and follow-up progress on projects from the Summer Schools 2018 Hack Day.

The Rewired Hack Day is for everyone with an interest in realising the potential of digital health.

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