Tuesday 12 March

Cognizant Lunchtime Roundtable

Concourse Suite 21 (just outside the entrance to Hall 8)

How can API’s drive effectiveness and interoperability in the NHS?

Join Will Jackson, Head of API Management & Platform Engineering at NHS England in this roundtable discussion sponsored by Cognizant on the topic of How API’s can drive effectiveness and interoperability in the NHS.

An API-driven economy has the potential to deliver significant benefits that:

Keep your API consumers top of mind
System owners often approach an API project with a “build it and they will come” attitude. If the API is there, the thought goes, people will find it and connect to it. And that does occasionally happen. But more often, the API fails to gain traction and the effort that went into building it isn’t repaid. That can lead to disillusionment with APIs, and a great interoperability opportunity is wasted.

Balance security and ease of use
Ease of use is key to API adoption, but it can never come at the expense of security, especially in critical services. The data being shared, and the application sharing it, must be protected against malicious attacks and accidental breaches of compliance. For API developers, this means finding the right balance between making it as easy as possible for third parties to connect to the API, and keeping data, people and systems safe.

Foster an “Engineer Experience” mindset
We’ve all heard of user experience (UX) and customer experience (CX), where services are designed entirely around the user’s or customer’s needs. API development requires an Engineer Experience mindset putting yourself in those engineers’ shoes to ensure they can connect to your API easily today and maintain that connection over the long term. It’s about making sure everything the engineer needs is to hand-from a searchable catalogue of your APIs with descriptions of the use cases they support, to documentation that lets engineers get connected fast, and a roadmap that lets them know what you’ll be delivering in the future and when.

However, delivering effective API’s can be a challenge and a few questions arise repeatedly. Join us for lunch at this roundtable, and we will discuss questions with the objective of supporting the NHS meet its interoperability needs.

  • How we should engage the NHS consumer communities to ensure their needs are heard, understood and met
  • How we balance technical/security excellence with ease of use and innovation
  • How we deliver solutions that are easier to adopt

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