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Academy of Fabulous Stuff

Academy of Fabulous Stuff

An online resource that enables and facilitates sharing of innovative ideas and best practice from across the NHS – a repository of inspirational ideas!

The NHS is full of enthusiastic, clever, keen, passionate people with a strong sense of vocation. They want to do the right thing and to do things right. The Academy is the place to share ideas about doing it right, boast about the good stuff and if you have a problem, the place to search for an answer. The NHS is so much better than it gets credit for, is so much more efficient than people think. And, is keen to share, be collegiate, find the good stuff and pass it on. The NHS is so much stronger and so much better when it works together, walks in step and shares the best stuff.

Twitter: @FabNHSStuff

Digital Health Rewired Media Partner - Digital Health News

Digital Health News

Digital Health is the UK’s authoritative, independent B2B news service focused on the fast-evolving field of health IT and digital health.

As the information hub for all things Health IT, our daily updated news, features, and debates attract the largest senior audience of NHS IT leaders in the UK.  The members of our Health CIO and CCIO Networks alone represent c1,500 digital leaders. In total, there are over 38,000 registered users of the Digital Health site, with 14,000 subscribers to our newsletters.

Our readers and subscribers come from both clinical IT and IT leadership positions across NHS acute trusts, mental health trusts, commissioners, and social care.

Digital Health Rewired Media Partner - Health Business

Health Business

Now in its 20th year of publication, Health Business continues to provide the healthcare industry with the need-to-know features, news and case studies that explain the ever-changing administrative and commercial issues affecting healthcare and hospital management.

Published online only since 2020, Health Business supports several high-profile exhibitions and runs regular features on the topics of digital transformation, finance, facilities management, security, health & safety and energy. Contributors range from government ministers through to top-level health administrators and association chairs. In the midst of some of the greatest challenges facing the NHS, such insight is more valuable than ever.


Institute of Health and Social Care Management

Institute of Health and Social Care Management

The IHSCM is the leading independent membership organisation for managers and leaders who commission, deliver and support health and care in the UK and across the world. 

Our mission is to support your personal and professional development and to help you improve health and well-being for all through quality management, by connecting with other membership organisations and professional bodies to enable us all to get the very best out of our collective expertise and resources. Whether you’re a current member or thinking about joining, please contact us today  to let us know how we can support you and your teams to be and to feel at your best.


Digital Health Rewired Media Partner - Journal of mHealth

Journal of mHealth

A trusted resource for anyone with an interest in innovative and emerging health technologies, technology-enabled healthcare, medical devices, and digital health services, the Journal has a European audience of over 20,000.

The Journal of mHealth is a leading international publication bringing the latest developments in innovative emerging health technologies to healthcare and industry professionals around the world. Featuring the Latest Industry News, Articles, Research, Industry Whitepapers and Market Reports.

Med-Tech Innovation

Med-Tech Innovation

Med-Tech Innovation is the leading multi-platform communication brand for the UK and Irish medical design and manufacturing industries. Our portfolio includes: Med-Tech Innovation Expo an annual exhibition and conference; Med-Tech Innovation News a print magazine and online news source; weekly newsletters and an ever-growing social media community.

Med-Tech Innovation reaches a unique medical and healthcare audience eager to source solutions to their latest challenges. We connect innovators – whether they be major OEMs or fledgling start-ups –with a community of designers and engineers ready to help bring medical devices to market, quickly and at scale.

Twitter: @medtechonline