[ February 27, 2020 ]

Hear from the next generation of CCIO and CIOs at Rewired 2020

New and emerging CCIO and CIOs are to be a prominent feature at Rewired 2020 with issues as how to get technology representatives on the board a main topic.

[ February 26, 2020 ]

Ever-growing Shuri Network to make star appearance at Rewired 2020

Representatives from the ever-growing Shuri Network will be speaking at Digital Health Rewired, more than six months since it was officially launched.

One week till Rewired
[ February 25, 2020 ]

One week to go until Rewired – here are the top 10 sessions not to miss

With Rewired 2020 just one week away and with more than 100 speakers confirmed, we have put together the top ten sessions you don’t want to miss.

Shared Care Header
[ February 20, 2020 ]

Innovators and pioneers reveal insights on shared care at Rewired 2020

The shared care track at Digital Health Rewired 2020 will feature innovators and pioneers who will reveal their insights into the topic.

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Rewired speaker Natasha Phillips named NHSX CNIO

Phillips, who has been a nurse for 26 years, is the current chief nursing information officer at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

[ February 18, 2020 ]

Caroline Criado-Perez talks gender data gaps ahead of Rewired 2020

The renowned author and feminist has spent years researching gender data gaps – and she’s bringing her expertise to Digital Health Rewired 2020.

[ February 7, 2020 ]

Digital trailblazers explore future direction for clinical software at Rewired

The clinical software track at Rewired will be focussed on the latest developments, open platforms, large-scale implementations and benefits realisation.

Suzy Foster
[ February 6, 2020 ]

New EMIS Health CEO talks the age of X and putting patients in the centre

The CEO of EMIS Health, one of our sponsors, talks about her new role, and why she believes the right pieces for sharing records are not yet in place.

[ January 31, 2020 ]

Interoperability to be hotly debated at Digital Health Rewired 2020

With interoperability soaring high on the health IT agenda, Digital Health Rewired will have a whole track dedicated to the well-debated topic in March.