Rickles, Lee /

Lee Rickles

Yorkshire & Humber Care Record Programme Director & Chief Information Officer, Humber Teaching NHSFT

He is a member of the CIO advisory board, a CHIME Certificated Health Chief Information Officer and alumni of the Digital Academy.
He has three decades transformation and programme management experience. His first decade focused on UK military aircraft project for the T-45 Goshawk, Sea Harrier, AV-8B and Nimrod. During the last two decades, he has focused on digital transformation in the NHS, Information Technology services and Business Intelligence for NHS organisations. He has also had significant experience in the development of change strategies; digital developments and procurement of Information Technology Services and systems.

He is currently is leading the development of the Yorkshire & Humber Care Record, Digital transformation of Humber Coast & Vale ICS and the CIO of Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust.

Twitter: @larickles