At Digital Health Rewired 2021, we are committed to providing our delegates with a safe and healthy virtual event environment.

We’ve added a series of yoga sessions to help you recharge gently, stretch out unwanted stress and feel good in-between Rewired 2021’s packed festival week of learning, networking and knowledge sharing.

No matter your ability level or flexibility, these classes are open and suitable for all, and we encourage all attendees to take a stretch and get involved. No fancy clothing or equipment is needed; just something comfortable to wear such as gym clothing, joggers/shorts, t-shirts/jumpers, a yoga mat or blanket/towel for your knees, and enough room to stretch our whilst stood up and laid down. Although helpful, it’s not essential for you to have your video on during the sessions.

Sessions run as follows and, although not essential, we kindly ask that you book onto any you wish to attend so that we can understand attendee numbers ahead of each session. Qualified yoga instructors Johanna and Daren, who already teach weekly sessions to the Digital Health team, will provide light classes each day across the Rewired five-day festival.

Monday 15 March

08:00am – 08:30am

Ready Steady Go YOGA
Let’s get ready with steady yoga postures and calming breath.
Awake, breathe, and settle into your week ahead.

12:15pm – 12:30pm

Together lets move out of our headspace and have some fun.
Let’s Shake, Roar, and Hum…A session where we don’t take ourselves to seriously,
and explore the feel good self!

Wednesday 17 March

08:00am – 08:30am

Rise & Shine YOGA
With energising Sun Salutations and warming yoga postures lets explore the strength of our bodies. Healthy core work and backbends get you set for the day ahead.

13:15pm – 13:30pm

Twist & Shout
A mid week shake out session with delicious twists to melt away unwanted back blues.
Soothe digestion, detox and reset.

Thursday 18 March

13:00pm – 13:15pm

Desk Yoga
Nourishing stretches at your desk for the back, chest, hips and neck.
Revitalise your posture and beat the online fatigue.






Friday 19 March

08:00am – 08:30am

Feel Good Friday
A feel good session to bring your week home.
Delicious stretches held longer with the support of a cushion or blanket.
Take a moment to relax and ease into the muscles more deeply and connect to the now with breath, body and mind.