Grahame Grieve, the creator of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), the key interoperability standard being adopted by the NHS and healthcare systems across the world will be the opening keynote for the Rewired Interoperability Summit, 15 March. 

Joining live from Australia, Grahame, will speak about the rapid evolution of FHIR and the need for interoperability in healthcare to empower citizens.  Book your ticket to hear from one of the most important figures in health informatics today. 

Grahame will be joined by Irina Bolychevsky, NHSX’s new director of standards and interoperability, who will update delegates on the next steps in the NHS’s drive to interoperability.

Grahame Grieve, creator of FHIR

Grahame is the product director for FHIR, the leading healthcare data exchange standard of the future, and opens Rewired 2021 as the morning keynote. He will discuss where next on FHIR, the wider interoperability challenge in health, and patient empowerment.   Grahame has a background in laboratory medicine, software vendor development, clinical research, open source development and has also conceived, developed and sold interoperability and clinical document solutions and products in the Australian market and around the world.

 Irina_Bolychevsky, director of standards and interoperability at NHSX

Irina’s previous work includes leading one of the first UK data trust pilots for the Open Data Institute and Office of AI, and establishing the personal data infrastructure program for the UK government.  She has worked on standards for the Dubai and UAE Governments and World Wide Web Consortium.

The Rewired Interoperability Summit is the opening event of the week-long Rewired 2021 Festival, a celebration of the best in digital health. Sessions are CPD accredited. Rewired is free for everyone in the NHS, public sector, charity and education.

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