Interoperability Summit

Covid-19 may have temporarily taken Interoperability off Matt Hancock’s to-do list, but it remains a fundamental challenge to enabling the delivery of joined up health and care services and joining up the fragmented NHS.

Significant progress has been made in recent years, particularly on standards such as FHIR, but far more remains to be done.

Interoperability remains a key theme of Rewired and for 2021 we have partnered with our good friends at Interopen, the industry-led interoperability coalition, to deliver a programme that will combine industry and NHS examples of best practice.

Grahame Grieve, the creator of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources), the key interoperability standard being adopted by the NHS and healthcare systems across the world will be the opening keynote for the Interoperability Summit.

Joining live from Australia, Grahame, will speak about the rapid evolution of FHIR and the need for interoperability in healthcare to empower citizens. Grahame will be joined by Irina Bolychevsky, NHSX’s new director of standards and interoperability, who will update delegates on the next steps in the NHS’s drive to interoperability.

Key sessions from the summit include:

  • FHIR, interoperability and patient empowerment
  • Updates from NHSX on next steps to drive interoperability
  • Standards for social care
  • The art of cancer data integration

Sponsored by:



FHIR, Creator


Director of Standards and Interoperability, NHSX

Dr Chris

CCIO and consultant nephrologist, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

Dilshan Arawwawala

CCIO, Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust

Sandra Shannon


Deputy chief executive and COO, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Christopher Dewhurst

Clinical Director,Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust

15 – 19 MARCH