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Speaker Profile: Tom Whicher, DrDoctor

Tom Whicher – the founder and CEO of DrDoctor, and one of the speakers at Digital Health Rewired – explains why he thinks Rewired will “shake up the UK healthcare conference scene”.

Tom Whicher Joins Rewired

Our first Rewired speaker profile is Tom Whicher who is the founder and CEO of DrDoctor.

DrDoctor is a digital platform, used by NHS trusts across the country, which allows patients to view, change and schedule outpatient appointments themselves, online, on smartphone or by conversational SMS.

Tom will be speaking at the Rewired Expo in March about how a trust’s pragmatic digital approach, in partnership with digital health start-ups, can achieve essential bankable savings and a better experience for patients.

We asked Tom a few questions why he believes Rewired is the must-attend event of 2019.

Why have you chosen to speak at Rewired?

Rewired is a new and exciting conference which promises to shake up the UK healthcare conference scene. I believe it’s a great way to share the amazing innovation that is going on in the NHS and to learn from others.

What do they think people attending the event will get from it?

The key thing people will get is opportunity to learn from true innovators as the conference brings together a really exciting disparate mix of people who may not otherwise spend time together.

Why should they attend?

The NHS is on the cusp of a really exciting new era. Rewired offers a platform in prime position for people to take part in the change.

Digital Health Rewired is the new two-day conference and one-day exhibition taking place on 25-26 March 2019 at London Olympia, that will connect health IT leaders and professionals with the latest disruptive digital health innovations.

Developed for everyone working across NHS IT and the wider digital health sector, Digital Health Rewired will provide attendees with insights and ideas they can take back and implement in their organisation, while growing their professional network.

Other speakers include Babylon Health CEO, Ali Parsa, and chair of The Conservative Policy Forum and former Life Sciences Minister, George Freeman MP.

Why not register your place today?

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