The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust (RWT) has just announced a truly landmark digital health deal with Babylon Health to shift to digital-first integrated care at scale.

The new ten-year deal signed between Wolverhampton and Babylon, the UK’s biggest and most disruptive digital health company, is hugely significant pointing to the likely digital future direction of Integrated Care Systems across the NHS.

In a brand-new session, Sultan Mahmud, the Director of Integration for RWT, will detail how the new partnership will both join up care and give patients far greater control of their own health, including treatment in their own home.

Sultan will present on “Wolverhampton and Babylon: creating a new model of integrated care delivery” on the main Rewired Digital Transformation stage, 12.30-13.00, 4 March.

The digital future of UK healthcare, bringing together the best of the NHS and digital disruption, may have just arrived.

Will you be at Rewired to find out?

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