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A dedicated new Rewired Network has been launched today for software developers, clinicians, and innovators working across the NHS, along with digital health start-ups.

Launched at the Digital Health Rewired 2020 show in London on Wednesday, the new Rewired community will be developed as an open online forum for everyone wanting to take part in building the future of digital health.

Invitations have been sent first to the 200 attendees of the Rewired Health Dev Conference and the almost 100 digital health start-ups who entered the 2020 Rewired Pitchfest, a fast-paced dragons den style start-up competition.

All of the start-up presentations from the Rewired Pitchfest will be posted on the Rewired Network as well as conference presentations from the Health Dev Conf.

Dr Marcus Baw, organiser of the Rewired Health Dev Conference said: “One of the reasons health tech is so hard, and lags behind other tech sectors, is the relative lack of online resources and communities to find help, advice, and signposting to solutions. We are gradually seeing better and better NHS technological infrastructure, but it’s relatively hard for startups and their developers to find the ‘Getting Started’ end of the thread.

“This new forum fills that gap by creating a new community not just for attendees of Rewired, but for everyone interested in health technology, to gather, share ideas, and collaborate.

“As the community grows it will become the de-facto home for all health tech, lowering the bar to entry, raising quality through socialising the best ideas widely, reducing time and cost to develop health tech solutions, and enabling the effect of the Rewired conference to be felt year-round.”

The new Rewired Network is for everyone interested in collaborating and sharing ideas and knowledge to help create and build tools, software and start-ups in the fast-growing digital health space. The Network is 100% free and open to all: suppliers, health professionals, researchers, academics, patients and carers.

“The Rewired Network will enable conversations and collaborations begun at the Rewired show to carry on and develop throughout the year,” said Jon Hoeksma, CEO of Digital Health.

“There is an amazing array of talent in the digital health sector and we want to help make it easier for them to collaborate.”

The new Rewired Network will be hosted on the popular Discourse open source platform.  As well as the online community the new Network will run online community events, including ask me anything sessions and lunch and learn sessions.

Digital Health already has a proven track record of building successful communities in the sector, hosting Digital Health Networks, a popular community of almost current 4,000 NHS IT leaders that has members from over 90% of all NHS trusts.

“Digital Health Networks is a great leadership community, developed exclusively for NHS IT leaders to share best practice and collaborate,” Jon adds.

“A key part of its success is that it is closed to suppliers and operates the Chatham House rule, to promote free and open debate.  The new Rewired Network however is open to all.”

All speakers, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors of the Digital Health Rewired show will be invited to join the new Rewired Network

You can register for the Rewired community here.

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