AI and data are playing a critical role in enabling NHS organisations to respond to Covid-19 and understand the spread and impact of the pandemic. The Digital Health Rewired AI and Data Summit will provide an opportunity to those leading some of the key developments.

Ming Tang, national director of data and analytics at NHS England and Improvement, which has transformed its use of data during the pandemic working with partners like Palantir.

Caroline Cake, CEO of Health Data Research UK, will then describe the new ways research teams across the UK are using data to gain insights into tackling Covid-19 and predict the long-term impact.

The AI and Data Summit will also include sessions from NHSX AI Lab, the Alan Turing Institute, and quick-fire lightning presentations providing snapshots from across the sector and much, much more.

Ming Tang

Ming is currently the National Director of Data and Analytics for NHS England and NHS Improvement responsible for delivery of national programmes to support commissioning of integrated care. She joined the NHS in October 2009, initially leading commissioning support services in the West Midlands as the Managing Director for Healthcare Commissioning Services and then as the Managing Director for South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning Support Unit.

Caroline Cake

Caroline joined HDR UK in 2018 as Chief Operating Officer, where she oversaw the development of the Health Data Research Hubs, the Alliance, the Gateway and the Better Care Programme. With more than 20 years of experience working in commercial organisations, Caroline joined HDR UK from 2020 Delivery. At 2020 Delivery she was a director advising health organisations, universities and central government departments on strategy, transformation, capability building, and delivery planning.

The AI and Data Summit runs on the final day Digital Health Rewired 2021, the week-long virtual festival showcasing and celebrating the best in digital health and data.  Book your place now

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