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Fantastic final speakers added to Rewired

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A final set of fantastic new speakers have just been added to the Rewired 2021 programme, giving even more reasons to join us for the festival celebrating the best in digital health.

We’re really excited to be able to announce these new speakers:

Rachel Power, chief executive, Patients Association will lead a must-attend workshop on the new Patient Coalition for AI, Data and Digital Tech in Health at Friday’s AI and Data Summit.

Dr Alan Karthikesalingam, head of research, Google Health, will examine what comes next in the use of health data research in his keynote at Friday’s New Normal Summit.

We are also thrilled to welcome the founders of two companies that have been centre stage in helping the NHS respond to Covid-19.

Chris Ryan, founder, Attend Anywhere, will be joining us from Australia at Wednesday’s Cloud and Mobile Summit.

Jacob Haddad, co-founder AccuRX, is speaking at Wednesday’s Virtual Care Summit.

Then saving a real treat for the final session of Rewired we have the leader of Europe’s most significant move yet to open platforms in health.

Jordi Piera Jimenez, director of the Digital Health Strategy Office at Catalan Health Service, will join Catalonia to provide the closing keynote at Friday’s New Normal Summit.

We’re excited by these great additions to an already fabulous Rewired programme and hope you are too.

To help attendees get in the zone to learn at Rewired we’ll be running virtual early morning yoga sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (you don’t have to have your camera on) and lunchtime 15-minute power sessions.

So come and explore the programme, pick your sessions and join the digital health community at Rewired for a celebration of the best in digital health today and tomorrow.

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