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Rewired Big Debate: How can the NHS gain maximum benefit from tech and data?

Palantir vs foxglove blog post

Day two of Digital Health Rewired 2023 closes with an unmissable blockbuster debate, bringing competing visions of tech and data in health.  

Louis Mosley from Palantir and Cori Crider from Foxglove will go head-to-head on how to ensure that the NHS gains maximum benefit from tech and data. 


  • Louis Mosley, Senior Vice President, UK & Europe, Palantir Technologies UK 
  • Cori Crider, Director, Foxglove Legal  
  • Jon Hoeksma, CEO, Digital Health (chair) 

The debate format will include opening arguments, audience questions and closing arguments.  

The debate will be run 15.45 – 16.45 on 15 March on the Cyber Security Stage. 

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