April 4, 2024

Postdoctoral researcher, Digital Ethics Center, Yale University

Dr Vin Diwakar, national director of digital transformation NHS England, will provide the keynote of Digital Health Rewired, setting out the national priorities and funding on digital and data as the NHS attempts to tackle record waiting lists and intense pressures in the run up to the General Election.?Matthew Taylor CEO of NHS Confederation outlines the health of the NHS, the key challenges ahead and what policy prescriptions are required for enduring NHS recovery. Daniel Johnston from Imprivata will provide-frontline perspectives on health IT benchmarking to inform system thinking and drive successful transformation in patient care. And Jessica Morley will explore if digital transformation is technically feasible and ethically justifiable.

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Categories: Digital Transformation
document_session_title: Keynote: National leadership: addressing the nations priorities and funding
document_year: 2024
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