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Get plugged into the latest AI and analytics in health at Rewired

As excitement builds around the topic, AI and Analytics is the theme of one of the most eagerly anticipated tracks at Digital Health Rewired 2020.


Excitement around the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics in healthcare continues to build, with £250m pledged earlier this year for a new health AI Lab.

Small wonder then that AI and Analytics is the theme of one of the most eagerly anticipated tracks at Digital Health Rewired 2020.

The application of AI, machine learning and analytics to big data in health offers huge potential benefits to patient care and safety and clinical research. But it also comes with ethical challenges and poses difficult questions for society on consent, privacy, governance and IP.

How can you safely introduce new AI techniques and tools into clinical practice?  And how can analytics be used to identify at risk patients and improve productivity?

Such issues will ensure the AI and Analytics track at Rewired will again be one of the most diverse.

The track will delve into key developments and initiatives in AI and machine learning in healthcare delivery and research and life sciences. This includes latest updates from NHSX and using analytics and data to improve delirium assessment.

Supplier InterSystems are the conference sponsor of the track with Mike Fuller, regional director of marketing at the company saying Rewired “stands out from the crowd”.

He added: “Healthcare providers have insufficient budgets and know that they need digital transformation to rebuild healthcare to be sustainable and integrated.

“Therefore, it is essential delegates attend to gain a better understanding that transformation needs to be data-driven. Which in turn means ensuring facilities like Machine Learning-powered Augmented Insight (AI) and Automation is balanced with governance processes and policies.”

On the topic of what sets Rewired apart from other events, Fuller said: “It’s always easy to use the word inspirational, but it is a good description of Rewired.

“That’s because informed passionate speakers tackle difficult subjects in collaborative debates that change minds and so have the power to change lives.”

The speaker sponsors of the AI and analytic track is computer software company, Nuance Communications.

Dr Simon Wallace, CCIO at Nuance Communications, which is applying AI to speech technologies, said: “At Rewired, we wish to demonstrate how Artificial Intelligence is quickly advancing across many areas of healthcare and its potential to transform services for both patient and clinicians.”

He added: “Not only is AI providing new pathways in treatment and care through diagnostics and wearables, but it can also augment the skills of clinicians while enabling more efficiency around documentation, SNOMED CT coding and automating the consultation.”

Nuance will be discussing the evolution and current status of its industry leading solutions – including Dragon Medical One and Dragon Medical Advisor.

Dr Wallace added: “At Rewired, we have the opportunity to introduce our ground breaking system, and discuss how our recent partnership with Microsoft is helping accelerate the technology to distinguish between voices, listen to clinician and patient conversations before entering it into the patient’s record as a clinical note.

“We look forward to Rewired acting as a space to ruminate, educate and learn from some of the most inspirational and effective companies working in the healthcare industry”.

Digital Health Rewired 2020, 3-4 March, is focused on connecting everyone working on health IT with the very best in innovative and disruptive digital health.

Day one of Rewired 2020, 3 March, begins with the Digital Health Leadership Summit, the one-day conference dedicated to those leading on digital health across the NHS.

Day two of Rewired 2020, 4 March, is the main Rewired Conference and Exhibition, which has moved to the bigger Olympia National.  Seven dedicated conference tracks will cover the most exciting trends in digital health and innovation, including AI and Analytics.

Confirmed keynote speakers include NHSX CEO, Matthew Gould, techUK president, Jacqueline de Rojas and NHSx Chief Digital Officer Tara Donnelly.

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