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The government has promised £30 billion of additional investment in the NHS. Matt Hancock made clear this week that fresh investment in digital technology will be a top priority.

This makes Digital Health Rewired, taking place in London on 03-04 March, the ideally timed event to help influence decision-makers in the market as new spend is made available.

The first of an expected series of new technology investments was announced on 4 January, with £40m committed to speed up NHS log-ins. Further investments are expected to follow for upgrading IT infrastructure, networks and core applications.

During 2020 the focus also looks set to shift from a small group of GDEs and fast followers to helping boot-strap a much larger number of trusts and CCGs through a series of ‘foundation’ investments.

For technology suppliers to the NHS 2020 promises to be a pivotal year – in which delayed past investments are finally moved forward and significant new spending released.

Digital Health Rewired 2020 is attended by more NHS CCIO and CIOs than any other event in the year, don’t miss out on reaching these key local decision-makers.

Taking part will give you the opportunity to sell, network and influence just as the market is poised for a major resurgence.

Join us for the key health IT industry event of 2020.

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