Pitch for the chance to win NHS pilot site opportunity for your idea or start-up

The Rewired Pitchfest on 4 March 2020 provides an opportunity for early stage digital health start-ups to compete to be named the Rewired Pitchfest winner by our judges.

Run as part of the Digital Health Rewired Conference and Exhibition, the Pitchfest is a great opportunity to showcase your start-up or idea in front of the unique Rewired audience of NHS IT leaders. The judging panel will include investors and founders of successful digital health start-ups.

The winners of the 2020 Digital Health Rewired Pitchfest will be offered the opportunity to have their innovation tested and scaled in a real-world NHS setting.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and their charity, CW+ will offer winners a real-world test bed in whichever care setting their concept or start-up is based.

Deadline for entries is now closed.

Meet the finalists

  • Cambridge Cancer Genomics – A precision Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform which enables oncologists to provide more effective, personalised treatment for cancer patients
  • Family Mental Wealth – An family-based pro-active self-care app to help mental illnesses affecting young people.
  • Feebris – A mobile-based software product, powered by AI, that empowers non-medical users to detect some of the most complex diseases, using medical sensors.
  • KroniKare Limited – A device which uses AI to automate wound diagnosis to 30 seconds.
  • Ortus-iHealth – A web and app-based patient and clinician portal which combines-appointment management, video consultations, remote monitoring and PROMs questionnaires.
  • Healthbit – An easy-to-understand health record that keeps track of your health or the health of others you’re responsible for. Trackers, apps and connected devices automatically update your health record to give you an accurate picture of your health.
  • Memory Lane Games Limited – A personalised dementia therapy app using AI, gamification and GDPR-compliant family curated content, to help families turn memories into games to share and play with loved ones suffering from dementia.
  • Syrona – A virtual women’s health clinic that applies a combination of digital and clinical biomarkers in fertility, endometriosis and gynaecological cancers.
  • LifeBox Health – A medical software company providing both the NHS and private sector with digital health screening software.
  • Medicspot – The start-up installs health pods in community pharmacies and NHS nationally. Each pod has various connected diagnostic tools. Using Medicspot technology, a clinician can listen to a patient’s heart and lungs, look at their tonsils or eardrum or measure their blood pressure during a remote live consultation.
  • Medxnote – An event notification and process improvement platform that uses chatbot technology and AI to connect doctors and nurses to any clinical data at the point of care.
  • Celsium – A tool which can help people monitor their body temperature, accurately, via their smartphone or tablet.
  • Medwyse Ltd – An evidence-based AI platform which answers clinical questions.
  • Thalamos – The start-up provides a suite of software solutions to digitalise the admission process for those with acute mental illness.
  • Upstream Health – The company provides innovative technologies and new service approaches for health and social care teams including mobile apps, analytics and web portals.
  • Virtonomy – The company conducts data driven studies on virtual patients.

“It’s an incredible event and obtaining validation from leaders, influencers and innovators within the healthcare innovation field is always of value.”

Luke Heron, CEO Testcard (Pitchfest 2019 winners)

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