System C and Graphnet form the System C & Graphnet Care Alliance, a strategic alliance delivering integrated health and social care IT solutions that transform care across communities.

With 350,000+ users, we are:
• No. 1 provider of shared records with 14m+ patients
• UK’s fastest growing software supplier of Local Authority social care and education management services.
• A trusted EPR supplier for 27 Trusts
• No. 1 supplier in child health (covering 6m+ children)
• A pioneer in electronic observations and care-coordination with 35+ Trusts
We are partnering a number of our customers on NHS England’s GDE and LHCR programmes.

System C +44 (0) 1622 691 616
Graphnet +44 (0) 3330 771 988

Twitter: @System_C, @GraphnetHealth