• Daniel Nathrath

Ada Health, whose co-founder is a speaker at Digital Health Rewired 2020, has launched its symptom checker app in Swahili.

The app uses a medical knowledge database with artificial intelligence technology to help users understand what might be causing their symptoms, as well as providing guidance about what they should do next.

By offering an AI-powered symptom-assessment medical application in Swahili, Ada is hoping to improve access to quality health information and advice, particularly for young people and families.

The Swahili version of the Ada app has been developed as part of Ada’s Global Health Initiative (GHI), a long-term programme to help address the global shortfall in health workers, by combining AI, human medical expertise and the power of mobile technology to deliver access to health care and guidance at scale.

Ada Health launched in 2016 with the aim of offering new levels of personalised care and treatment by combining artificial intelligence (AI) with the medical insights of doctors.

In November 2017, it was reported the company had received £35 million funding from a number of private investors.

Ada’s co-founder, Daniel Nathrath, will be speaking at Digital Health Rewired 2020 about how the company has harnessed digital to benefit patients.

Attendance at Rewired on 4 March 2020 at London Olympia is free to all working in the NHS and attendees from start-ups less than three years old.

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